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Building the modern digital experience.

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Wherever people, data, and systems interact

Solving the challenges
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Optimal delivery of content, data, and intellectual property through the precise mix of technology and human capital.

Enabling every touch point in the
modern digital experience

Driven by strategy

With a backbone in marketing and digital strategy we solve, design and build campaigns/systems that ensure engagement in all of the interconnected touch points of the modern digital experience. Our uniquely qualified teams take a long view of achieving business objectives while effectively meeting short-term goals.

Unafraid of complexity

Who we work with

With nearly two decades in business, MEG has built long-lasting relationships with a number of Fortune 100 clients, serving them from our offices in the NYC metro area, Minneapolis and India. We are comfortable with both large and small engagements, and have built specific teams to ensure we remain aligned with strategic objectives and deliver on-demand services.

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